Friday, October 21, 2011

The will to run 50 miles

Recently we watched the Green Lantern. the part that I loved in the movie was
the part about a persons will being the strongest power in the universe. Even stronger than
fear. Tomorrow i'm running a 50 mile race. This will be my second time running this distance.
I thought that this year would be easier cause I know what to expect. But I think that's the part the
makes this even harder. I know what i'm about to go through. I've trained different than i did last year.
So honestly I know what to expect in the race but I have no idea how my body will handle this
distance with the type of training I did this year.
I think most people might have the conception that people doing things like this, are able
to do so because they have no fear. truth is i'm scared to death to go out and run this distance
with 16 miles of grueling uphill. But I have to remind myself that my will is stronger than my fear.
And my will can get me through anything. If we go through our lives avoiding things that we are
afraid of, then we will never grow. We will never find out what we are made of. We will never become
the person we are meant to be.

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