Thursday, October 20, 2011

Layton Marathon

Layton Marathon. 2nd place overall. This was a pretty nice course. It was weird to run one that wasn’t mostly downhill. This was mostly flat with lots of little uphills. I was in 2nd place for most of the race. At mile 13 when we met up with the half marathon that had just started. (which was annoying) that’s when I finally took the lead. I was in the lead for the next 10 miles or so. Finally towards the end when a few half marathoners passed me apparently a full marathon guy passed me. Which I was completely unaware of. So when I finished I was sure that I took 1st. but they informed me that another guy had come in 2 minutes before me. But hey 2nd place is still pretty cool so I was still happy with that. Overall my stomach felt pretty good which is usually my biggest challenge in races. I had a tough patch from mile 5-7 where I wasn’t feeling so good. But it passed. I felt pretty strong the whole race but definitely lost some steam the last bit of the race. After I was done I finally felt like eating ice cream sandwiches. They always have those after races. But they’ve never sounded good until today. Now just need to recover in time for my 50 miler in two weeks.


Yo said...

Way to go Davey!!! That is awesome to come in second. Do you think you could have won if you'd known that guy had passed you? Can't wait to hear about your 50 miler - such an inspiration:)

Davey said...

thanks yolanda. not really sure. he was only a minute and a half ahead of me. but my legs were done. so it's hard to say if i could have beat him. guess i'll never know.