Friday, February 4, 2011

One Year of Running

Well it's been one full year since I began running. One year ago I started training for my first marathon. When I first started, my knees were hurting after about 3 miles or so. I had heard about the so called "runners knee" as they called it, and I just accepted it as getting old. Here I am one year later. 1,300 miles later, who would've thought i'd still be running. It has been quite the journey. I read 3 books on running. Even took a personal class on the techniques of Chi running. I think the most important thing i've learned about running is it's not about what's on your feet. But for someone to fully understand what that means they have to accept the fact that is has everything to do with what's on your feet. The whole running world is obsessed with finding that perfect running shoe that saves you from injury and helps you go fast. I was always taught the wrong things about running. Get big thick shoes, run with big long strides, heal striking, and that injuries are part of the game. Well it's just not true. The truth is there is no perfect shoe. The only advice I can give on picking a shoe is you want as little shoe as possible. I've run in vibram 5 fingers, the Huarache Sandals, and now the asic pirahna racing flats. The less shoe you have on your foot, the stronger your body will be, thus preventing injuries. Most runners just think barefoot/minimalist running is a bunch of nonsense and continue getting injured and buying big shoes. It's almost like trying to convince someone of a new religion. I love running. I love that I have inspired some people around me to start running.
Everyone is born to run. It's in our DNA. Everyone is built for it. The human body is an amazing thing.
I doesn't matter why you do it but you have to find your why. I love pushing myself. Finding out what I'm made of. Pushing myself to utter exhuastion, till i'm ready to cry, and then digging down deep inside of myself and finding a way to keep on moving. Well I think I've rambled on long enough. To anyone reading this. You are greater than you ever thought you could be. It's easy to make excuses and jokes about yourself. The hard part is making the decision to get out there and do something. Your body will thank you. Get out there and start running. If this joker can do it. Anybody can.