Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Zade and Daisy's Birthday Party

So we had a 3 kid birthday party, Zade, Daisy, and Audrey (Zade's cousin on april's side)
We had it at classic and it was ton's of fun. Crazy but fun. We had some awesome faundant cakes made by my sister in law joanna. Zade loved riding his scooter around the track. It's all he wanted to do the whole night. we had to drag him away to have him open presents. Thanks to everyone that came.
here are some things about Zade.
He loves driving his little hummer truck everyday till the battery goes dead.
He loves batman and lightning mcqueen toys most.
He loves his grandma.
He is VERY competitive.
He loves helping me with anything.
He loves teasing his sister.
He calls yesterday "last day"
He loves running
He loves to read Mamma knows about fences
He love gymnastics
He loves eating chicken nuggets with ranch mustard and ketchup. (all the colors)
He loves talking to heavenly father with prayers.
He is a very special boy i love him so much.

She is our little princess.
She only wears dresses everyday.
she only wears dress night gowns to bed.
she is very picky about what she wears.
she loves to get snuggy in her blanky.
she loves to read books.
She always gets excited when i walk into the room.
she loves to say "i love you so much" as she touches my cheeks.
she LOVES our iphones.
She loves her grandma.
she loves her mamma.
she loves ellie,
she loves to ride with zade in his truck.
she loves to dance when music comes on.
she loves our dog cocoa
she loves being my special helper.
she loves chocolate
She loves to sing do as i'm doing in nursery.
I love her so much, she is my sunshine baby.
Has a smile that reaches from ear to ear.

Here are a few pix from the party.