Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Lasik Experience

So i got lasik today. I wanted to write down my experience cause i'll probably forget how it all went.
My appointment was at 11:45am at the Lasik Vision Institute. April dropped me off cause I wouldn't be able to drive myself home after. I was to wear clothing that wasn't fuzzy and no hairspray or cologne. First the painful part. The payment. They ran my card, $1,500 per eye. Which comes with a lifetime guarantee that if my vision ever changes they will fix it for free. They then ran a few more tests to make sure everything was ok. They also plugged my tear ducts which will last for 2 months then dissolve. Then I was put in the dark waiting room. They gave me a kit with sunglasses, 2 different eye drops and some sleeping eye covers. I'm in line behind one guy and 2 other ladies come in behind me. We are all given a hair net thing and booties to go over our shoes. The guys goes in first. While he's in there the lady next to me starts getting real nervous and asking for a valium. She ends up not getting one because she would have to walk to a pharmacy and then it would take another 40 minutes to kick in. I update my status on facebook and notice april's status that says that she just watched a video on youtube of lazik and said it was the most disturbing thing she'd ever seen. With that in mind it was my turn. One final eye check and they lay me down under the laser. I have opted to do the flap open the cornea way as opposed to the scratch off the cornea way. The doctor tells me to look at the orange light and hold still. He puts some numbing drops on my eye then proceeds to pry open my right eye which was a bit painful. Then he gets the round suction cup thing and keeps suctioning my eye trying to get it just right. He tells me I might want to consider the scratch off the cornea way cause I am at hi risk for a bad flap, because of my eyes being kind of small or something and i can't hold still. He says if i get a bad flap i will have to wait 3 months for the flap to heal and come back then for my surgery. Quick decision and I tell him to just try it again, so he numbs me again, pry's open my eyes a little bit more and after 3 suction cup tries he cuts open my cornea and everything goes black for a few seconds and then comes back. He says the cut went good and to hold real still and look at the orange light. So i'm holding real still and can feel my arms start to shake and I hear some one else count backwards 6-5-4-3-2-1. And thats it. 6 seconds for the actual lasik. He puts my flap back down and kind of paintbrush glues it shut and thats that. So for the left eye i'm praying that I can hold still again and that i will get a good flap. Second flap went well. 6 seconds later. 20/20 vision. it's great. i have to use eye drops a lot over the next few weeks, but even by the end of the day my eyes are hurting less and less. They were totally bloodshot at first but they are looking better and best of all feeling better. No more contacts for me. Ever. Sorry so long. But that's the lasik experience.
and hear is a photo of me an hour or so after surger.
I don't look happy but really I am.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Moments Like This

Moments like this is why I love being a Dad. This video is recorded in the dark so there is no video just audio. Over the last few months Zade who is 3, his I love you's have been growing longer and longer. It started out with colors of the rainbow, then sparkles and now it has evolved into shapes. I finally recorded it tonight.
I love him so much.