Monday, December 27, 2010

Island of Misfit Toys

So every year for the last 5 years or so, we have done a danceoff at Christmas. Everybody sleeps over at my mom's house and the later it gets the crazier it gets. Usually nobody really wants to do the danceoff but when it's over they're glad they did. This year we or I decided to do a music video to change things up a little. We really are cool, just acting like nerds. Really we are.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ogden Valley 50 miler

Ok so I want to write this down while it's fresh on my mind. I did it! 51 miles. My first ultra marathon.
Heres the story,
So I drove up and slept over by myself in Ogden so I could be close to the starting line. I didn't sleep much the night before. Woke up about 4 am. Made it over to Mountain green to the starting line. There is a little fire going and all 28 runners. Just kinda hanging out, joking around. I here things like, yeah this is my 9th 50 miler and seeing tshirts from the wasatch 100. After a quick rundown of the course and how the aid stations will work. We all walk out to the road. the race director says everybody ready? Alright, GO! So we all start off together down the very dark road. It felt surreal at the beginning. We all had our headlamps on and gear. I had been looking forward to this day all year long. Everyone has their little groups. Everyone stays together for the 1st mile. After the 1st mile some stop to walk a bit. I usually do the same thing, but decided to just keep going and not walk till mile 3. We proceed up old trappers loop. 8 miles and about 2000 feet elevation climb. All the way up the canyon the runners are spreading out more and more. My
headlamp is helping so much. Some rocks in the road and lots of horse poop to avoid. Run a mile then walk a mile. Finally after what seemed like forever we reach the summit. then down hill. For the aid stations we had about 3 trucks that kept driving ahead and giving us, gu's, sandwiches, gatorade and anything else we needed. I had to go number 2 a total of 5 times the first half of the race. Finally by about mile 10 the sky is starting to light up and I can turn off my headlamp. My stomach starts getting pretty upset. Can't really eat anything. trying to force some things down. We get to mile 15 and get to pineview resovior. We check in at the Aid station and I drop my headlamp and sweater I had been wearing underneath. then I head out around the lake. the sun finally start to peek over the mountains. The scenery is just breathtaking. All the fall colors. The runners are way spread out by now. I get to the west side of the lake and get to another aid station about mile 19. Just after I pass them my stomach is feeling more upset than ever. Finally I throw up. My stomach feels much better after and i'm able to run the next 3 miles at a pretty good pace. The next aid station I grabbed some pretzels just to try them and they tasted soo good. For the rest of the race I continued to eat pretzels. for the last 10 miles i had been pretty miserable. Secretly hoping a mountain lion would jump out and maul me and i would not be able to finsish the race. Ate some gu's to keep my calories up. I also started eating the gummy sport beans that had a bit of caffeine. The lake gets out of site for 6 miles or so and the rain starts to sprinkle. at mile 26 I meet up with my little brother and his wife. What a life saver he was. First of all something to look forward to. But also somebody to chat with and motivate me. I've never run with somebody before and I have to say I really liked it. We hit about 5 miles of pretty cold rain. Wet and cold. Trucks are driving by splashing us not giving us enough room to run. I was able to convince jimmy joe that he needs to run this race with me next year. Joanna, his wife did a great job documenting the rest of the run stopping every few miles taking pictures and videos. After rounding the lake we hit the canyon again at about mile 36. Stopped in at the aid station for a while and piled up on goodies. I took a gu pack with caffeine in it. I've always avoided the caffeine ones cause i've heard about how your energy just drops off after the caffeine wears off. But i ended up loving it. So we headed back up the canyon, another 8 miles of uphill and 2000 feet elevation climb. those hills were intense. usally like 300 feet of climb or so per mile.We make fairly good time considering the climb. We are able to pass 3 runners. Finally we reach the summit and start heading down. I'm feeling pretty good. My stomach is feeling good, the jelly beans, caffeine gu packs and pretzels are doing the trick. On a side note it's kind of weird what happens to you running the long distances. You get real emotional. I'll think about my wife or kids or something and just start crying. I've turned into a softy.We get to mile 46 and my beautiful wife pulls up in the mini van with the fam. After a kiss and some pix we are on our way. Rochelle, AKA super sister joins up with us to run the last 5. The downhills are acutally pretty rough, but easier than the uphills. So we get to the last 2 miles and someboday that we passed is starting to catch us. At first we are determined to stay ahead of him, but finally i say whatever, if he passes me, oh well. So we get down to about 1.5 miles to go and we take another walk break and He is about to pass us then I decide. Nope we are doing this. We get down the canyon road and head down the home stretch. Suddenly something comes over me. I pick up speed. Rochelle starts to drop behind. Then i get to about a quarter mile of the finish line. And i suddenly get more energy than i've ever had before. I hit my runners high. I break into a full on sprint. Jimmy joe starts saying things like, you don't have to do this. he's falling behind, slow down. we don't have to do this. And i reply yes i do. finally i break into a full on sprint to a 6:39 mile pace. I see the finish line. Suddenly I get emotional. Tears start coming. I feel amazing. I push all the way to the finish line. My legs felt great. I've never felt anything like that before. I kiss my wife. Hug my kids. Let out some celebration yells. April says i was acting like a total crazy man or like a kid who just got some marijuana for the first time. I felt so good at the end. Hard to describe it. I'd definately like to do this race again. Had lots of family there to support me. It helps so much knowing that those that love you are waiting for you at the finish line. I ended up taking 17th in the race out of 28.
51 miles, 10 hours 21 minutes and 7,093 calories later i did it. I set a goal and accomplished it. What a journey it has been. and what an amazing race. I've never been so low while running and never been so high.

My Pacer

In the rain

Victory yell with my 2nd pacer

The Swag

I brought a little camera along with me. And joanna took most of these and rochelle and april took some.

Video Clips for the OV 50 miler. from Davey Orgill on Vimeo.

My first ultra marathon

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Miss Daisy

Miss Daisy from Davey Orgill on Vimeo.

I love my little girl so much. What a better way to test out my new camera than with such great subject matter.
Shot with the Sony A55 and the
70-200 Zeis lens.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Well just when you think you're invincible, your two year old daughter
drops tickle me elmo on your foot and you can't run anymore. Well
thats pretty much what happened this week. Just a little update on my
running. I've been training all year for a 50 mile race. Well it's a week from
Saturday. I've put in a lot of time. My furthest run has been 40 miles. In had
been running atleast a marathon or further every monday for the past two
months. Well I made it to my last week of training and Daisy Drops Tickle
me elmo right on my toe. It hurt real bad. Then the next day i get the bright
idea to do an 8 mile run, and try to do it at a Boston qualifying pace. Just to
see if I could. Well i did, but the next day i tried going for a run and couldn't make
it 3 houses down the road. So I took this entire week off. Pretty depressed about
what happened. But this is not the end of the story. My foot is feeling better and
I plan to run the race next Saturday. Not even Elmo can stop me. So, yes i'm scared
to death to run that far, even before I hurt my foot I was scared and I know this
will be one of the biggest challenges of my life.
But sometimes the moments that challenge us the most, define us.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Zade's 2nd 1st Day of Pre-School

So I don't post very much on the blog anymore. Thanks to Facebook. But hey that's ok. Here are the pictures april took of Zades 1st Day of School. this is his 2nd year at Mrs. Tawni's Pre-school. He is growing up so fast. Pictures are the only way to freeze time. I love every second I have with my kids. Zade is such a little ball of energy. the sweetest little boy. I see a lot of myself in him. He loves stickin it to the man and living life to the fullest. Anyways i've rambled on enough. Here are the pix.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Road to Finishing My first Marathon in The Vibrams

So it all started about 18 weeks ago when I felt like my body was once again decomposing. I played basketball once a week, but not really getting a lot of excersize. Not eating good, cheetos, ice cream every night. Getting fat wasn't really a problem, just not feeling very healthy. So I decided to start running. For a week or two when I would get up to 3 miles or so, my knees would start hurting. (which is why I gave up on trying to run a marathon like 5 years ago) I asked for some advice from those around me, kept trying things and nothing worked. My knees kept hurting. Figured I was just getting old or just had bad knees or something. But I really wanted to run. So I went to Runners Corner in Orem and asked if they could give me a knee brace or band or any advice to help me. He told me there are two kinds of runners that almost never get injured. Ultra marathoners and barefoot runners. Ultra marathoners, i didnt really know what that meant at the time and barefoot runners?? I didn't even know such a thing existed except in 3rd world countries. So he gave me a website to look at and I went home and one thing led to another and I found the vibram 5 finger shoes. So we I went back in to the store to try some on and finally bought a pair online(they were backordered with a waiting list at the store) Took them out for a short run and what do you know, no knee pain. come to find out I had been striking wrong. the heal strike is BAD. I had to learn to run all over again. with a midfoot strike. So i was just loving running. It felt so awsome to be running without pain and feeling the ground beneath me. I then decided to sign up for a marathon. If these shoes could help my knee pain, then maybe I could fulfill my dream of running a marathon. I signed up for the Utah valley marathon which was about 15 weeks away at this point. The training was going great. Once I got into the longer runs i would experience some TOPF. top of the foot pain. some tenderness on the top of my right foot. (which came from not taking enough time to transition into minimalist running) I would ice it after the run. I also read the book in about 3 days "Born to Run" Which is an incredible book about a secret tribe in mexico the Tarahumara indians who run hundred mile foot races in a thin pair of sandals. Incredible book which then got me excited about not only running a marathon but aspiring to the 50 and 100 mile Ultra marathons. So the training was going great. I ran my 20 miler at about an 8 minute pace. then i got curious to see how close I could come to running at boston marathon qualifying pace for my 8 mile run. which is a 7:10/mile pace. So I ran and pulled something in my foot. a tendon or something. But instead of stopping I kept pushing through the pain. bad idea. I did keep up the pace, but i paid for it after. The whole next week i had to take off cause I was limping around barely able to walk. After a week of resting and icing i did an another 8 mile run. had to walk every half mile or so cause it was hurting. What was I going to do?? 2 weeks away from my marathon. What i'd worked and trained so hard for. I was so frustrated. I went to runners corner and bought some ultra lightweight racing flats. shoes. I took the next two weeks off of running completely with the occasional trip to the gym to do the excersize bike to keep my muscles working out. I took the new shoes with me and would do like a quarter mile jog in them. So foot did hurt up until the marathon. So in those last few weeks i had a decsion to make. Run in the vibrams, which i had done every single one of my training runs in. Or run in the racing shoes that my give me a little more support and save my foot but possibly risk blisters and blood and pain. the day before the race i spent praying, asking everyone around, me, discussing with my wife, on which shoes to wear. I was set on the racing shoes. I'd rather get a few blisters than hurt my foot in the vibrams and risk not finishing the race. Then the finally, call it inspiration or gut feeling. I did a last minute switch and decided to stick with the vibrams.
So after shooting my wedding I finally got to bed at about 11:30pm. Woke up nice and early at 2:30am. Figured out how to stap my timing chip on to the velcroe of the vibrams, got my gu's and electolyte drinks ready on my back, pinned my number on, had some pinole for breakfast and headed out. I met up with my little brother, his wife and my little sister who were all running as well. I got there and it was a mad house of trips to the bathroom taking ibuprofen and other last minute preparations. We drove to the provo mall where the race started. there's buses everywhere runners everywhere. My little sister headed over to the half marathon bus and we found our bus. the bus ride up seemed like it took forever. Completely dark we couldn't see anything around us. After what seemed like a really long time we got to our destination. We all got out of the bus, it was still completely dark. We could see a light up in the distance, so not really knowing what to do we all just started wandering up the hill. It's kind of hard to describe what that felt like. We thought that's what it would be like if we died and were in heaven just following the crowds of people. We arrived to the lights. 100's of restrooms and runner in line for the restrooms. Time for one last stop. We got in line and someone on a mic said we needed to head up to the starting line RIGHT NOW! So we jumped out of line and headed up the road a little further. 10 minutes to start time. We jogged a little to warm up. Got tired pretty quick. all these things going through my head. Will my foot hold up in the vibrams? one run in the last 3 weeks, how am i gonna do this? I walked by 3 kenyans, you know the guys that win races at superhuman times. I smiled and said "you guys gonna win this" they glared at me and looked away. Okay, moving on to the start line. It was so crowded we got there at the end so we were right at the start. We're all waiting for it to start and it starts pooring rain. I had already made the decision to not wear a grocery bag or even a long sleeve shirt. Just skinny old me with my short running shorts, a thin shirt, no socks an my 5 finger shoes. First the handbikes' gun went off. One minute later it was our turn. the gun goes off. Walking for the first 30 seconds or so. the kenyans dissapear into the night. then we're doing it. All this preparation, all this planning and training for this day and it's happening right now. I forgot to take a gu pack before the race so i pull one out of my pack and another one drops out on the ground, so i turn around and run against traffic and find it and pick it up. I run the first mile with my little bro and his wife, lots of chatting and joking, then after some hi fives I decide it's time to get serious. First mile goes by at about a 8 and half pace. So i decide just for fun to see if I can catch up to the designated 3:10 pacer guy, who the race hired who ran that pace the entire way. Another runner asks me about the vibrams and continues to run the next 10 miles or so with me. At mile 10 we could see the 3:10 pacer. But i was starting to tire out. Finally my running buddy says good bye and and takes off. Slowly by mile 15, i'm getting pretty tired. the mountains and scenery are just breathtaking. The rain has let up. Taking my gu's every 45 minutes. stopping every once and while for a bathroom break. The downhill is pretty rough on me. Consistently after mile 10 i'm slowing a bit and runners are passing me barreling down the hill. Not exactly easy in the Vibrams. Little steps the whole way. I get to mile 16 and get a text from my sister who says the kenyans just finished. then another saying my little my little sister finished the half marathon. I get a little choked up thinking about how proud i am of her for accomplishing that. Getting to mile 20 i'm real tired. Mile 21 i take my last Gu pack. We're out of the canyon now heading towards the mall. Lots more people cheering now. Each one cheering puts a smile on my face and gives me a little energy. I keep thinking about the finish line where my family will be waiting for me. Each aid stations from here on out i walk for a few steps to drink and regain my composure. Just gotta keep moving, just gotta keep moving. Every 15 minutes or so someone passes me and comments on my shoes. My legs are tightening up. So tired. Just gotta keep moving forward. Then mile 25 rolls around and i can see my older sister rochelle. She makes the phone call to let everyone else know that i'm coming. I get a little choked up once again, so greatful for the support. One last hill to go up before seeing the finish line. She gives me some energy to pass one person up the hill. We round the corner and head down the home stretch. I'm getting emotional seeing all the people I love there, cheering me on taking pictures, so excited to see me. I cross the finish line in 3 hours 53 minutes. So glad it's over. I get a nice participation medal. I make it through all the runners and find my wife and kids. right when i see them and can't hold back the tears. I can't even talk just kissed my wife and kids, so happy to see them and have them there to support me. It's hard to explain why it's so emotional finishing a race like that. Such a trial of strengh and will power, and then to have the people you love cheering you on when you need it the most is just an awesome experience.
I'm so tired and sore from the race, but it was so much fun. and so worth it.
I did it. And I did it in my Vibram Five Finger shoes.
I'm a marathoner. Now on to becoming an Ultra marathoner.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Zade and Daisy's Birthday Party

So we had a 3 kid birthday party, Zade, Daisy, and Audrey (Zade's cousin on april's side)
We had it at classic and it was ton's of fun. Crazy but fun. We had some awesome faundant cakes made by my sister in law joanna. Zade loved riding his scooter around the track. It's all he wanted to do the whole night. we had to drag him away to have him open presents. Thanks to everyone that came.
here are some things about Zade.
He loves driving his little hummer truck everyday till the battery goes dead.
He loves batman and lightning mcqueen toys most.
He loves his grandma.
He is VERY competitive.
He loves helping me with anything.
He loves teasing his sister.
He calls yesterday "last day"
He loves running
He loves to read Mamma knows about fences
He love gymnastics
He loves eating chicken nuggets with ranch mustard and ketchup. (all the colors)
He loves talking to heavenly father with prayers.
He is a very special boy i love him so much.

She is our little princess.
She only wears dresses everyday.
she only wears dress night gowns to bed.
she is very picky about what she wears.
she loves to get snuggy in her blanky.
she loves to read books.
She always gets excited when i walk into the room.
she loves to say "i love you so much" as she touches my cheeks.
she LOVES our iphones.
She loves her grandma.
she loves her mamma.
she loves ellie,
she loves to ride with zade in his truck.
she loves to dance when music comes on.
she loves our dog cocoa
she loves being my special helper.
she loves chocolate
She loves to sing do as i'm doing in nursery.
I love her so much, she is my sunshine baby.
Has a smile that reaches from ear to ear.

Here are a few pix from the party.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

30th Birthday Party Video

This is the Awesome video that Doug put together of my birthday Party.

Davey's 30th Birthday Party from Doug Larson on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

a must see

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Lasik Experience

So i got lasik today. I wanted to write down my experience cause i'll probably forget how it all went.
My appointment was at 11:45am at the Lasik Vision Institute. April dropped me off cause I wouldn't be able to drive myself home after. I was to wear clothing that wasn't fuzzy and no hairspray or cologne. First the painful part. The payment. They ran my card, $1,500 per eye. Which comes with a lifetime guarantee that if my vision ever changes they will fix it for free. They then ran a few more tests to make sure everything was ok. They also plugged my tear ducts which will last for 2 months then dissolve. Then I was put in the dark waiting room. They gave me a kit with sunglasses, 2 different eye drops and some sleeping eye covers. I'm in line behind one guy and 2 other ladies come in behind me. We are all given a hair net thing and booties to go over our shoes. The guys goes in first. While he's in there the lady next to me starts getting real nervous and asking for a valium. She ends up not getting one because she would have to walk to a pharmacy and then it would take another 40 minutes to kick in. I update my status on facebook and notice april's status that says that she just watched a video on youtube of lazik and said it was the most disturbing thing she'd ever seen. With that in mind it was my turn. One final eye check and they lay me down under the laser. I have opted to do the flap open the cornea way as opposed to the scratch off the cornea way. The doctor tells me to look at the orange light and hold still. He puts some numbing drops on my eye then proceeds to pry open my right eye which was a bit painful. Then he gets the round suction cup thing and keeps suctioning my eye trying to get it just right. He tells me I might want to consider the scratch off the cornea way cause I am at hi risk for a bad flap, because of my eyes being kind of small or something and i can't hold still. He says if i get a bad flap i will have to wait 3 months for the flap to heal and come back then for my surgery. Quick decision and I tell him to just try it again, so he numbs me again, pry's open my eyes a little bit more and after 3 suction cup tries he cuts open my cornea and everything goes black for a few seconds and then comes back. He says the cut went good and to hold real still and look at the orange light. So i'm holding real still and can feel my arms start to shake and I hear some one else count backwards 6-5-4-3-2-1. And thats it. 6 seconds for the actual lasik. He puts my flap back down and kind of paintbrush glues it shut and thats that. So for the left eye i'm praying that I can hold still again and that i will get a good flap. Second flap went well. 6 seconds later. 20/20 vision. it's great. i have to use eye drops a lot over the next few weeks, but even by the end of the day my eyes are hurting less and less. They were totally bloodshot at first but they are looking better and best of all feeling better. No more contacts for me. Ever. Sorry so long. But that's the lasik experience.
and hear is a photo of me an hour or so after surger.
I don't look happy but really I am.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Moments Like This

Moments like this is why I love being a Dad. This video is recorded in the dark so there is no video just audio. Over the last few months Zade who is 3, his I love you's have been growing longer and longer. It started out with colors of the rainbow, then sparkles and now it has evolved into shapes. I finally recorded it tonight.
I love him so much.