Monday, July 6, 2009

Beware of old "friends" on facebook.

So i'm pretty open to accepting pretty much anyone on facebook.
If it's possible that i know them and they invite me i will accept.
It's happened a few times that someone I really didn't know invites
me and I accept because they went to my same high school or something.
Here is an instant message conversation I just had with one of my so called
I have left out his name as to not offend him.
One talent I know have is how to smell a stinky mlm from a mile away.
Anyways here is the instant message conversation.


i love that video you just posted


yeah crazy huh


so laughed


how you donig



just great, keeping busy




how bout you


loving life dude

just enjoying married life and building our buisness... its alot of fun




what's your business


we help people make money save money and get out of debt... when would be a good time to pop by and show you exactly what we do.. so if you know someone that would benefit from meeting with me you can point me in that directiosn... is thursday or firday better


sounds like primerica


HELL yes its primerica... are you a client or agent




what ... really why


i do the dave ramsey plan


wait dave ramsey gives you life insurance? and the opportunity to own your own buisness? im not familiar with that plan?

i know he gives good plans on retiring... but what else does he do?


hhe also gives good advice on what life insurance to have....


it doesnt matter. All you need to know is that i've been through my share of multi level marketing companies and i am 100% against them. Great if it works for you, but i want nothing to do with them.


oh ok


good luck


julianne orth said...

wow isn't that funny- right after we talked about that! i wanna know who it is now! i probably know them too.
they are all the same though aren't they- all you have to do is make everyone you know hate you and you could become a millionare!

Joanna said...

Davey- near the end you leave the kid's name in, and it links to his facebook page! just fyi...

Davey said...


Rochelle said...


Henich Family said...

We had one of those...still trying to get the hint I guess.

Rosanne Orgill said...

Yeah it is hard to sell something. I remember when johnny was a baby I went to a Tupperware party and the lady selling said if anyone wanted to be a dealer and sell Tupperware that they could get a car. I was so excited. I signed up and thus began to sellTtupperware to get my car. I only had to do six parties and I would be a legitimate dealer and be on my way to getting that car. Well, of course you are told to contact your family, friends and neighbors. I noticed that everyone was avoiding me. I then had a party to do and no one to babysit Johnny so I put him in a wagon with my Tupperware and walked up the street to do my party. I bet that was a sight. Needless to say, I never got my car and gave up totting my Tupperware and child around in a wagon. Eventually people started talking to me again as long as I didn't mention Tupperware.

Rosanne Orgill said...

I didn't see his name, maybe you took it off. I have finally learned my lesson with sales, I have been to all the meetings and been through so much with Aloette, Tupperware, Herbalife, Sunrider, Some balls that you wash cloths with without water(can't remember that company) Young living oils. I am through will selling, it works for a few but it's not for me! I feel so free. woohoo