Sunday, July 5, 2009

April's Near Death Experience

There are so many things to be told about our fourth
of July this year. This is the most memorable.
All day on the 3rd of july, april had a quest to
find a 4th of july pinata. Nobody had them.
finally, we found a mexican shop that had this
sweet one. All the little kids took a turn and
finally jacob took a turn. He is my sisters nephew.
An important thing to remember is that he is
one of the top high school hockey players in the
state of Utah. So, needless to say when he swings,
he's has some power behind it.
You may need to watch the video twice to really
appreciate how close this was to April's head who
was filming.


julianne orth said...

that was so scary! that could have turned out really bad, I am glad it didn't!

Yo said...

I had to watch it 3 times to see how close that got!! Oh my gosh - were you freaked out? Was that a real baseball bat? Might want to switch to a plastic one for future pinata hitting?? Glad he missed:)

Joanna said...

That is out of control!!! I am so glad it didn't hit you! So scary! You really are a professional- still filming even when your life is in danger.

April said...

Ha Ha its so funny. I felt it hit my hairs on my head when it went by.

Rachael said...

Holy Cow!!!

Rochelle said...

Ya that could have been bad!!! Glad you are still around!! :)

Rosanne Orgill said...

I am so glad that no one got hurt, that is too scary. I used to make pinatas all the time, but now we just put the candy in individual bags and hide them or just throw the candy and let the kids run. That could've done some serious damage, Whew