Monday, July 27, 2009

Cherry Hills 2009

Every 24th of july my family sleeps over at cherry
hills and swims. It's alway tons of fun. this year
was no exception. I got to have some fun with my under-
water cover for my little point and shoot.

Cherry Hills from Davey Orgill on Vimeo.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Beware of old "friends" on facebook.

So i'm pretty open to accepting pretty much anyone on facebook.
If it's possible that i know them and they invite me i will accept.
It's happened a few times that someone I really didn't know invites
me and I accept because they went to my same high school or something.
Here is an instant message conversation I just had with one of my so called
I have left out his name as to not offend him.
One talent I know have is how to smell a stinky mlm from a mile away.
Anyways here is the instant message conversation.


i love that video you just posted


yeah crazy huh


so laughed


how you donig



just great, keeping busy




how bout you


loving life dude

just enjoying married life and building our buisness... its alot of fun




what's your business


we help people make money save money and get out of debt... when would be a good time to pop by and show you exactly what we do.. so if you know someone that would benefit from meeting with me you can point me in that directiosn... is thursday or firday better


sounds like primerica


HELL yes its primerica... are you a client or agent




what ... really why


i do the dave ramsey plan


wait dave ramsey gives you life insurance? and the opportunity to own your own buisness? im not familiar with that plan?

i know he gives good plans on retiring... but what else does he do?


hhe also gives good advice on what life insurance to have....


it doesnt matter. All you need to know is that i've been through my share of multi level marketing companies and i am 100% against them. Great if it works for you, but i want nothing to do with them.


oh ok


good luck

Sunday, July 5, 2009

April's Near Death Experience

There are so many things to be told about our fourth
of July this year. This is the most memorable.
All day on the 3rd of july, april had a quest to
find a 4th of july pinata. Nobody had them.
finally, we found a mexican shop that had this
sweet one. All the little kids took a turn and
finally jacob took a turn. He is my sisters nephew.
An important thing to remember is that he is
one of the top high school hockey players in the
state of Utah. So, needless to say when he swings,
he's has some power behind it.
You may need to watch the video twice to really
appreciate how close this was to April's head who
was filming.