Monday, June 22, 2009

I love small town fairs

So last week we went to Strawberry days in
Pleasant Grove. We had the best strawberries
and cream I've ever had. We had tons of fun.
When we got there, Zade had fallen asleep and
we bought him a full access wristband. Unlimited
rides. So we were excited to wake him up and get him
going on the rides. The video clip shows us trying to
wake up the poor kid so he could have fun. We had
so much fun being together, got lots of great photos.
Probably my favorite one of the night is the one of me
and Zade on the big circle ride together.
His little feet are barely hanging off. This is an Adult ride
that goes around in circles very fast and gives you butterflies in
your stomach. Zade asked if he could go on it so I asked the
worker and he just said whatever. Theres no way he was
big enough to go on it but he survived. His eyes were rolling
around in his head a little but he made it. It was great.
Daisy was so cute, she didn't get to go on many rides but
when she did she had the biggest smile on her face.


Rochelle said...

Hilarious!! I know how he feels, I spend most of my life feeling like this lately!

Rachael said...

Bwa ha! Oh, that clip was so funny--the things we do to/for our kids...

Rosanne Orgill said...

that is so funny! I didn't think he was going to wake up. I love going to small carnivals too. they are a lot of fun. I managed to spend Doug and Rochelle's $20 in 5 minutes, $5 on a duck game, $5 on a balloon dart game, $5 on lemonade and $5 on french fries. you sure have to be careful on the money tho' but it is a lot of fun.:)

kimmy said...

That's too funny. Kids...Gotta Love them. Looks like you had a great time =)

Travis and Cami said...

oh my heck, little daisy's teeth are the BEST! i'm so jealous, i'm starting to think oaks is going to be toothless! :) you guys have super cute kids, and are a way cute family. looks like you had tons of fun!

Rosanne Orgill said...

that smile of Daisies is so cute! It is a million dollar smile.