Sunday, March 15, 2009

Everybody's Comin

So here are some more photos and videos of Zade
and Daisy's birthday that we celebrated on Friday.
Thanks to everyone that came we had ton's of fun.
Zade is 3 and Daisy is 1. Earlier that day we went
to the TG point farm where we had ton's of fun and
Zade got to practice being a cowboy. The party was
at the lehi legacy center. It was pretty crazy but it
was great spending time with the family once again.
The photo on the previous post was taken by doug
at the party. Nice work doug!


Rosanne Orgill said...

those pics are so cute!!! I love the glasses and the horse ride he looks like he's a real cowboy and Daisy looks so cute in the wagon and with her big smile. Too cute and fun party glad that I could be a part of it.

Rochelle said...

The party was so fun!!! Thanks for having us and Happy Bday Z and D!!!

Yo said...

how close are their birthdays - looked like a lot of fun!

Davey said...

march 6th and 9th
it was pretty crazy but lots of fun.

Josh, Heather, and Matthew said...

Happy Bday to the tiny Orgills! It looks like they had a blast. Its hard to believe Daisy is already a year. Matt is close behind her though. Time flies.

James said...

That looks fun, sorry we couldn't come.