Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Potty Training

Potty Training has been going great.

We are on day six now of really committing to potty training zade. He is actually pretty much potty trained now and doing great. This photo was taken a few days ago and I think it really captured the moment. If you notice april has a red bottle in her hand from cleaning the carpet where Zade had urinated in two different spots to stick it to us. then was refusing to put on his underwear. Notice the arch in his back in defiance. That's an old trick he learned at about 6 months old when he didn't want to get into his car seat. I really do love that kid so much. Life is never dull with him around.


Rochelle said...

Hilarious Photo!!!

julianne orth said...

I personally think that potty training is about the same as german war torture, at least it was for me! I figured out with madi the best way to do it- start potty training the day before your other child goes in the hospital and let grandma do it! that was the easiest potty training i have ever done!

Rosanne Orgill said...

wow, what a priceless pic. I think zade is getting it. I think that Heavenly Father has a good laugh watching scenes like this. Yeah Julianne Maddi was an easy potty training for you and it took both grandmas to do it so we did get a break.