Friday, December 5, 2008


I love my kids. Being a parent has got to be the best
thing in the world. Zade is just full of energy. He
doesn't take naps anymore. He watches the grinch like
3 times a day. He ate mostly banana bread and popsicles today.
He is so excited for Christmas. Daisy is the happiest little girl
in the world. She is such a little angel. Everywhere we go people
are amazed at how happy she is and how big her smile is. We are
so happy to have the chance to be a part of Zade and Daisy's lives.
Every day I look at them and just want to freeze time. I guess that's
what pictures are for to freeze that moment in time to look back at.


Rochelle said...

Those pics are hiliarious, I love Daisy's hair with the curls and the bangs, SO cute, I'm jelous:) And I love Zade's pouty face.

Joe said...

luv your family Davey & April, Rosanne said to me once, do my parents love me as much as I love my own kids?? WOW! I didn't realize that when I was growing up. I agree

Rosanne Orgill said...

I agree with you on the freezing time and that pics do that. Those pics are so cute, I love Zades pouting face and daisy's cute hair doos. How do you spell that. I love being a parent also and I never want it to end that is what eternity was invented for