Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Halloween and Price

I never got any pictures posted from Halloween
so I will post a few here.
We just got back from spending the night down in
Price. It was lots of fun. Juliannes house is
is so nice and she's a great cook. Zade had ton's
of fun with Sydney and Madison. The best part of
the trip was riding Justins 4 wheeler around. That
thing is so fast. I took Zade up the hills too and
he loved it. I'm definately going to have to get me
one of these.
Thanks Justin and Julianne for a great time.

Me and Zade went pretty fast on it and he absolutely loved it.

Zade went to the Trunk or Treat in Rochelle's Neighborhood.
He got about 6 pieces of candy and was happy.
Here he has been eating two suckers and is trying to
open a third piece of candy.

Zade Concentrating decorating a pumpkin at the party
in Rochelles neighborhood.

This is Zade at the Party having a great time.