Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So I was talking to Jimmy Joe today and
he was bragging about how he has started
working out again. He said he felt like
his body was decomposing, aches and pains
for not doing anything. I realized that
decomposing was exactly how I felt. I
am not playing basketball anymore and my back
has been killing me. So I got off the phone with
him and went running with cocoa. There were lots
of interesting people along the way. In one
spot I saw a guy with a pit bull up ahead. So I went
off the side walk very far away from the dog. So we went
running by and the guy was behind a fence waiting for
us to pass but not really paying attention, when the pitbull
lunges towards us and the guy gets lifted into the air and
is completely horizontal trying to hold on to the dog. He
then comes crashing to the ground and the pitbull is loose.
So I lift cocoa up by the leash and hold her in my arms.
Luckily the pitbull backs off and goes back to it's owner who
is just standing up and he has a huge gash in is forehead where
he hit his head on the ground. I said are you ok, he said,
that's why I was back there. He went over to get the dog
and I took off running. It was pretty crazy.

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