Sunday, August 31, 2008


So we went to Yellowstone last week with my sister and
her family and my mom. It was everyone's first time
being there. It was tons of fun. It's right in the middle
of the busy season for weddings so it was good to get
out of cell phone range for a few days. The first night
we stayed at Henry's fork of the snake river. It's about
30 miles outside of yellowstone. The second night we
camped in yellowstone. Everything went great for us,
the kids slept through the night and we were warm. Rochelle
and Doug had a slightly different experience vowing to never
camp again with kids without an RV or ten trailer.
Zade loved all the geysers he called them volcanoes.

We all got matching yellowstone hats and shirts

Zade watching the old faithfull "volcanoe"

Zade and hunter

Dalan is getting too cool for pictures

The first night we stayed by the snake river

This is the morning Rochelle vowed never again to
camp in a tent with kids.

The bison were cool at first then I got a little annoyed
that they were blocking traffic, especially
since i wanted to go fishing.

We rented these boats for an hour. Zade insisted
on driving it most of the time. He was very determined.
We went in circles most of the time while he was driving.


Rochelle said...

Quite the trip... Where's our next one???

Joe said...

Nice blog Davey, nice to have all of your pics and videos in one place

Haywood's said...

I haven't been to yellowstone since I was a young boy, good for you guys. Send me an email (my blog profile has the address there) and we can coordinate a hookup.