Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Birthday Clips and Stuff

Okay so here's a few random pictures from what's been happening.
Here is a picture of the garage area from my house in ogden.
The evicted tenant left a lot of stuff behind. I called 1-800-got junk
and they went out there and quoted me over $900 to remove all the stuff.
I ended up doing it all myself completely filling a 24 foot uhaul costing
me under $100. we are currently trying to sell the house for about 10 thousand
less than we owe on it.

Zade is starting to want to poop on the potty.

April is still pregnant.

This is from the Valentines dance we went to
that Nate and Laura threw that was actually pretty fun.

Family photo of us by the valentines car.

Mom and dad Showed off their dance skills

The Larsons.

Zades birthday party.

Zades scariest face- the robber face.

Me dancing with Daisy Lynn.

this is from the valentines dance. Rochelle took a self photo
of her and doug.
I'm not sure what happened to doug.

Zades Birthday Party. I'm not sure who blew out more candles
Zade or Julie's girl.