Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ok so here is the video of the Annual Orgill Family Christmas DanceOff 2007.
In the past we have done couples vs couples this year we did boys against girls.

Zade Hangin' Out 12/29/07

This is a little video I made of Zade. This is a taste of his everyday life. He loves his cars and all day is very busy moving them from one place to another. Also he has mastered the happy face the surprised face and the finger dance.

Christmas with Zade 12/24/07

Here are some pix of our trip to Temple Square on Saturday. It was soooo cold.
But we brought some hot chocolate and Zade was an angel the entire time.
He was in absolute awe.

We also had a hidden camera when Santa came on Christmas eve. Zade was so excited for Santa to come he had been saying Santa all day. We heard the bells and finally at about 7:30pm he finally came. Zade layed down the whole time he was a little nervous. Cocoa didnt like santa very much. well here's the video.

Zade Sees Santa 12/20/07

Well we finally got the chance to experience going to the mall and waiting in line to see Santa. It was pretty much how I imagined it. Zade wouldn't sit on Santa's lap so me and April got to be in the picture.

Pointe Digital Wins An Accolade

We are very proud to announce that we won an award in the Accolade Competition. The reason we are so proud of this accomplishment, is because the Accolade is not a Utah competition or even a National Competition. It is a worldwide competition where hundreds of thousands enter. “The winners of this coveted, international award are truly among the best. The Accolade sets the standard for craft and creativity.”
Here is the video we won with, Christy and Drew's Wedding Highlights, so you can check it out.
Here is a link to the website. the accolade

Witches night out and having a girl. 10/20/07

In case any of you haven't heard, we found out yesterday we are having a girl.
this fits in perfectly with my original plan to breed country dancers.
It is our retirement plan
and we went to the witches night out at Gardner village.
It was tons of fun.
tons of witches
and the best scones i've ever had.
Cocoa and Zade didnt get to come.
We went with Jimmy Joe and Joanna. (Not pictured in this post)

Family photo/video shoot 10/14/07

This is our family Photo Video shoot Doug did for us.

Some Clips Of Zade 8/19/07

Some Random Pictures 6/20/07

This picture was taken at the exact moment april decided to quit doing hair. If you look closely you can see a bluetooth in each ear. She was dealing with a hair cllient and a wedding client simultaneously. And she decided one of them had to go.

zade at the zoo on memorial day

zade's run-in with amanda


Neighborhood Carnival We Went To 5/17/07

Summer Time With Zade

Zade had a popsicle today. He enjoyed it very much.

Zade's 1st B-day March 9th 2006

Here are some pictures from Zades 1st birthday.
Thanx to everyone who came we had lots of fun.